"Savoir faire" de geraçõesLactilouro

LACTILOURO is a company dedicated to the Production and trade of traditional handmade cheeses whose main mission is to offer the best cheese tasting experience with the purity, quality and softness characteristic of our products. We are a company committed with the ongoing offer of premium, authentic and high quality products, always looking for better ways to offer even more added value to our customers. To that we count on a multidisciplinary, young and dynamic team with the technical skills and the upmost recent technology. As a result of our marketing strategy Dom Villas brand was born. The brand outstands for its quality and innovation. The care, attention and love that are placed in the production of the cheese gives it an individual identity without risking the overall quality. Dom Villas presents a wide collection of flavors that combined leads us into a journey for the best cheese flavors. In addition to the Dom Villas brand, Lactilouro owns the Casa Mendevil brand, and most recently the Santo do Monte brand.


The names Dom Villas and Casa Mendevil emerge from a harmonious play of words with the names of their founders: the Vilas Boas family and the Mendes family. The Santo do Monte brand appears as a link to the place from which it originates: a holy place, linked to the origins of our land. Our main goals are on one hand to innovate and throw in a range that meets the needs of consumers, always guaranteeing the food safety of our products. For this, new products and concepts are presented annually and prototypes are built in our own facilities for all products produced and marketed. To ensure food safety, daily tests are carried out on all our cheeses in an internal quality process. The cheeses are subjected to periodic analysis and all of them have a Technical Data Sheet that contains all the information related to Organic, Microbiological and Chemical Characteristics, Validity, Packaging and Shipping Instructions.